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January 5-6 2015

Tuesday 5 Jan

10.00-11.15                              Welcome: Nicolas Whybrow (Warwick)

 Keynote 1: Chair: Janelle Reinelt (Warwick)  

Jenny Hughes (Univ. of Manchester) and Carran Waterfield (Triangle Theatre): Sing for your Supper: Pauperism, Performance and Survival


11.30-1.00                               Panel 1: Human Trafficking  Chair: Jim Davis (Warwick)

Janelle Reinelt (Univ. of Warwick): Is a Trafficked Woman a Citizen? Survival and Citizenship in Performance

Sohini Chakraborty (Kolkata Sanved): Dance Movement Therapy and Psycho-social Rehabilitation: Model Sampoornata

Urmimala Sarkar (JNU):  Putting Pieces Together: Mapping Recovery for Survivors of Sexual Violence

1.00-2.00                                                         Lunch

2.00-3.30                                 Workshop 1: Cardboard Citizens  Chair: Silvija Jestrovic (Warwick)


3.45-5.15                                 Panel 2:  National Figures in Performance  Chair: Samik Bandyopadhyay (JNU)

Anuradha Kapur (Ambedkar Univ.):   Traversing the Site : 409 Ramkinkars

Elaine Aston (Univ. of Lancaster): ‘India Unmasked’ – Anupama Chandrasekhar’s Acid  

Yvette Hutchison (Warwick): Aesthetics of Embodied Activism: Contemporary South African Women


5.15-6.30                                 Keynote 2: Chair: Bishnupriya Dutt (JNU)

Emma Cox (Royal Holloway) Irregularity: Performing Volitional Noncitizenship’.

6.30-8.00                                 Conference Dinner

8.00-10.30                               Solo Performances:

Internal Terrains (Natasha Davis, Warwick)

The House (Carran Waterfield, Triangle Theatre)


Wednesday 6 Jan

9.00-10.15                               Keynote 3:  Chair: Mike Saward (Warwick)

Anupama Roy (JNU): ‘Polyrhythms of Citizenship

10.30-12.00                              Workshop 2:  Ice and Fire Chair: Maggie Inchley (Queen Mary)


12.00-1.30                               Panel 3:  Citizens’ Encounters Chair: Aoife Monks (Queen Mary)

Maria Estrada-Fuentes (Univ. of Warwick): Towards an ethics of care: Creative approaches to Ex-combatants’ Reintegration in Colombia

Silvija Jestrovic (Univ. of Warwick): Murderous Maid: Jean Genet’s The Maids and Domestic Migrants Workers in Saudi Arabia

Susan Haedicke (Univ. of Warwick): The ‘Glasgow Girls’: Many Faces of Child Asylum Seekers


1.30-2.30                                 Lunch Break

2.30-3.30                                 Panel 4: Chair: Urmimala Sarkar (JNU)

Milija Gluhovic (Warwick): Citizenship and Religion in these Times

A.P. Rajaram (JNU) Remembering Sadir: Reclaiming Presence


3.45-5.30                                 Panel Discussion on Ethics and Negotiation with Government, Funders, and other interested groups:  Chair: Janelle Reinelt (Warwick)

Members from Ice and Fire, Cardboard Citizens, Natasha Davis, Sohini Chakraborty, Carran Waterfield

5.30-6.30                                 And in Closing:

Bishnupriya Dutt (JNU) and Shrinkhla Sahai (JNU)  Respond to the Conference                        

6.30                                         Closing Reception (Food and Wine)