What is GCP?

Formally titled, ‘Gendered Citizenship: Manifestations and Performance’,  GCP is a joint research venture between theatre, film, and politics scholars from University of Warwick and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Supported through a grant from UCG and UKIERI, it will run for two years until 2016.

 Using ‘Citizenship’ as our organizing concept, we are applying multidisciplinary approaches to legal, socio-cultural and performative aspects of gender construction and identity; violence against women; victimhood and agency; and everyday issues of socialization in a globalized world.

Our work is divided into four discrete but overlapping themes:

  1. Gendered Citizenship: Human and Legal Rights and the legislative situation in our three target locations (India, EU, US).

  2. Commodification in the Neo-Liberal Marketplace, and women’s vulnerability and precarity within it—labor practices and protections in relation to citizenship and statelessness.

  3. Sex trafficking, Pornography and Sexual Abuse and issues of ‘rescue’ and empowerment, victimization and agency.

  1. Performance Practice which shapes and intervenes in the three other areas: practice as research (PAR) as an exploratory arena for finding appropriate representation of the situations we are studying.

Among the outcomes of the project will be a growing set of resources (see the Bibliography page), a number of workshops and meetings in Delhi, Kolkata, Coventry, and Hyderabad, and a published anthology of articles about the individual and joint projects completed during the period of the research. Joint curricula will also be followed in some modules at Warwick and JNU, and students and staff will contribute to the website postings.